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{ A Little About Me }

I consider Leonard Engleman not only one of THE BEST Makeup Artists in the entire world, but also an amazing Instructor and mentor, plus a true gentleman.  I had the opportunity to met him in Los Angeles in a seminar and years later at a Special Effects class in Dallas. Not many Makeup Artists can say that had the opportunity to take a class with him, and I am one of those few students.

When I met him in LA, my first thought was, ‘he is old fashioned. Just hope it’s worth it’… At the end of the class I was ‘craving’ for more tips and I was amazed of how he simplifies his makeup kit and application. In the Dallas class, a 7 weeks program, from day one he kept saying: ‘A Makeup Artist must knows and understands the products’, ‘A Makeup Artist must see beyond the camera lens’, over and over; When it was time to the hands-on practice, everything make sense. And those phrases has been the core of my beliefs as a Makeup Artist.   He has definitely influenced my makeup artistry ‘thinking’ and the simplification of my makeup applications.

This is an image of the ‘Beauty Makeup for Film’ class. [2007 Dallas, Tx | Model: My friend Suzi Rose].

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Most people don’t know that, Photography and Film as a Makeup Artist are my passions (yep, including those long hours, weeks and months of being ‘stay put’ for each detail), but it is also Special Effects (SFx).  I am always eager to learn and refresh my knowledge in SFx.  Here’s some images of what to expect at Nick & Brian Wolfe, also known as ‘the Wolfe Brothers’ Special Effects class: FUN!!

Special Effects, beyond the common wounds, cuts and bruises, it’s fun!  Not everything has to be gore, as many people think, it can also be incorporated for beauty photoshoots, etc. It’s just a manner of taste and how much the Artist wants to challenge his/ her capabilities and imagination.

Just for FUN!

Me & Brian Wolfe in class

Swamp Monster ; HuntCon Convention, Houston, Tx

Want Sfx Makeup!?

Nick & Brian Wolfe

fire! fire!