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Everyday I receive many emails from individuals passionate about makeup that want to take that passion into action!   Here, I’ll answer most of those common questions and provide other important information about the DermaGem Makeup Academy.

It does not matter your level of knowledge or experience, classes are designed and tailored for all levels from beginners, intermediate and experienced.

If your question(s) is not in here, leave a comment and I’ll be more than happy to answer it for you.


:: When was DermaGem Makeup Academy stablished?

DermaGem Makeup Academy was stablished in October 2007 in Houston, Texas. After 2 years providing professional training in Houston the Academy moved to San Antonio, Texas in January 2009.

:: Class Schedule

Taking in consideration the future students needs, classes are schedule in a Monday to Saturday,      9 am – 5 pm basis. Saturday classes must be reserved at least 20 days in advance. Monday to Friday classes are schedule two (2) weeks in advance.

Full day classes are divided in two sections: Theory and Hands-On. In the morning, the students receive the theoretical and informative part of the class and in the afternoon the hands-on portion of the class takes place.

On-Location or private professional classes are available.  Private classes (one-on-one) have an additional fee. Up coming artists living outside the San Antonio area interested in receiving this education, I can travel to your City. A minimum of 10 students is required in order to travel and workshops must be booked 30 days in advance.

Online workshops are available only to spanish speaking students living abroad (South America). This workshops are schedule on a Thursday or Sunday basis.

Airbrush Makeup Class is offered twice a year.

:: Enrollment Process & Policies

Each student must fill a registration form, read and initial the policies agreement. Unless requested by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR) only the students’ basic information is required such as, legal name, residential or postal address, email, website or social networks, Cosmetology or Esthetics Lic. (if applicable), etc., in order to keep record of the student, the class(es) or workshop the he/ she enrolled, the date and if the student qualify for any class discount. Other information such as Social Security (SSN), Drivers License (DL) or any other personal information it’s not required at this moment.

San Antonio classes and workshops have a space limit of 4 students. Outside San Antonio the max of students is 10. This is to provide a quality educational environment.

Along with the Application a $25 Application Fee is required in order to reserve your space. This registration fee is non-refundable and it’s not included in the class price.

Students must be 18 years or older. Any student that does not meet this criteria cannot receive any of our professional certifications. Minors can receive a non-certification workshop.

Future students are welcome to meet with me prior the enrollment to answer any further questions or to offer more information about the classes.

:: Payment Plans

Because this is private education, I do not offer any financial assistance nor student loans.  At the moment of the application the student have the option to leave a 50% of the class payment, that will be deducted of the total class price or pay the class in full.

For one (1) day class, payment is due prior the class. Two (2) or three (3) days class, the total class payment is due on the first day of class.

Other payment plan options are not available at this moment and payments must be made in cash only.

:: Discounts

Licensed Cosmetologist and Estheticians have a $25 discount in all classes after bringing a copy of a valid beauty license.  Students that are currently receiving professional education in a recognized beauty school also receive a $25 discount; However, they must show proof that they are currently receiving that education, whether it’s a letter from the Instructor or beauty school director or admissions rep. with the day of enrollment and the hours completed at the moment of the letter.   Other monthly or seasonal class discounts do not apply.

Former students always receive a $50 discount in any class and are always welcome!

Through the year I offer different discounts in all Makeup Artistry classes.

:: Materials

All materials necessary for class, as well as models or photographers, are provided. I do not sell any product and I am a non-specific brand professional. Students are welcome to bring their makeup and brushes properly labeled to class if they have anything for professional use only. Personal makeup it’s not allowed to be used in class.

:: Beauty Consultants

Professionals that are part of a specific brand are always welcome to class and to bring their products. In today’s beauty market there’s many opportunities for Beauty Consultants, and I want to help them grow and expand their clientele.

:: Hands-On Apprenticeship

Although I cannot warranty any job placement, I always take the students to weddings, events, fashion shows and photo shoots to start their professional experience as Makeup Artists. I strongly believe that this opportunities are the key to success and to start strong as professionals.  Also, because I participate in different job opportunities and events that sometimes requires me to travel to different locations thru the year, I refer only those students that had showed commitment and talent to become Artists to future clients.

:: Written Test & Certification

Before each student receives their Certificate, a written test is required in order to complete any certification class.  Each individual have their particular learning process, with that in mind I can tailor the written test for each student’s needs.

Each certificate have an unique numeration and/ or marking. This will helps to keep track of each student certificate and to avoid the falsification, circulation and alteration of any of the certificates provided by DermaGem Makeup Academy.

:: Hygiene

Because a Makeup Artist plays an unique role in the beauty industry, each student must follow the highest hygiene standards. The student image it’s very important as it will provide the best business card for him or herself in the future.

:: Spanish

All classes are offered in English and Spanish.

:: General Information About The Classes

As a Professional in the areas of  Aesthetics, Makeup Artistry, Massage Therapy, Sports Medicine, Pharmacy and as an Educator, I believe that I have to provide the highest education for future Artists.  In class I cover:

– In-depth Cosmetic Sanitation                            – Makeup Kit & Tools

– Color Theory                                                    – Eyebrows re-shaping

– Skin Care                                                          – Opportunities in the Bridal & Beauty industry

– Professional Etiquette                                       – Photography & Commercial Makeup

– Makeup Applications: Natural, bridal, event, day & night, glamour, teen, runway, etc

and MORE!


For more information, please call (210) 209.1317


One response

  1. Buenas noches para todos, mi nombre es Allyson, tengo 25 años y soy de Montevideo, capital de la República Oriental del Uruguay. Les comento a quienes esten realmente interesadas en tomar clases profesionales de maquillaje, les recomiendo ampliamente el Instituto DermaGem, de la mano de una Master como lo es la Sra. Candelario.

    Yo tomé contacto con ella por vía Facebook y participé en su primer concurso donde fui acreedora de un curso de capacitacion. Mas allá de las distancias, las clases fueron de una calidad pedagógica impecable! Porque no solamente se trata de teoría, sino de práctica y en todo momento Damariz recurría a ejemplos reales, situaciones concretas que pueden suceder en el mundo del maquillaje, y sobre todo a ENTENDER el porqué se aplican determinadas técnicas, estilos, productos, manejo de colores, formas y luces. Mediante el curso, pude asentarme en lo que me apasiona y poder convertirlo en accion, tal cual dice en sus “mottos”: “take the passion in action!”

    Hace que tu mente se abrá a otras perspectivas y que, como profesional en sus inicios, pueda valerme y hacerme de mis propios recursos para llevar lo que me apasiona al ámbito de negocios (trabajar como maquillista profesional), sabiendo como se elabora un presupuesto para un cliente, un contrato, armar mi portfolio, mi currículo.

    Hoy en día trabajo de forma freelance con un estudio de fotografía y puedo sacar el mejor provecho de mis maquillajes frente a un lente a partir de las clases impartidas por Damariz.

    Sin duda alguna, las mejores clases de mi vida! 😀

    January 26, 2012 at 10:20 pm

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