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{ FAQ’s }

In this section you will find most of the FAQ’s that clients and upcoming Artists ask me. Some are about products, some are about career and others just curiosity. If you have a question that it is not listed here, leave a comment with your question and I’ll answer it for you.


:: What type of Professional Makeup Services should a Makeup Artist offer?

It is very important for a Makeup Artist to know which areas he/she is good at. Some fellow professionals decide to specialize in Special Effects (SFX) while others in bridal or special events like homecomings, quinceañera, sweet 16, etc.  Now, when choosing a specific area it could be a great asset for some and risky for others as it is limiting their skills or services.

:: It is Airbrush Makeup as good as some says?

Airbrush Makeup it is a great tool to have. Personally, I’ve been offering this service for about 9 yrs, and I love it. Yes, if the Makeup Artist have a professional education can also create a similar effect with a makeup brush; It might take a little longer comparing it with the Airbrush ‘brush’ or ‘gun’, but it can be done. Airbrush Makeup have different products that have been created for specific applications and are different from regular makeup. Because of the benefits of the Airbrush Makeup comparing with the regular makeup, the price for the service makes it more expensive.

:: It is worth hiring a Makeup Artist?

Yes! Having a Makeup Artist ‘dollin’ you up’ for your special occasion or event it is worth it. Now, there’s some information that a client must ask and know before hiring that person. The most important questions are:

– How long has the Professional being doing makeup

– How did he/she learned makeup

– Are his/her credentials related to makeup

– Which products is he/she using

– Does he/she have a professional portfolio

– Which areas does he/she specializes

– Does he/she have client references

– Does he/she have a website

– Are his/her prices competitive

– What it is offered or included in the prices

– Is he/she offering a Trial Consultation before the services

After many years in this Industry I believe that each client must be treated as royalty, but must be mutual. The client must also understand that the professional is there for him/her and must be treat the Artist with respect as well.  Now, unfortunately these days almost everybody is claiming to be a Makeup Artist. This is why it is so important for the client to ask this questions. An educated professional IT IS worth it.  I cannot put aside those professionals that are extremely talented with little to none education because some Artists are gifted; But still, although makeup is that, makeup, where it can be simply removed with soap & water, it is the clients skin and they have only one.

:: Should a client bring her makeup when having a Makeup Consultation?

If the client wants to bring her personal makeup when having a consultation with an Artist, she can. Some clients have allergies to specific ingredients or are under a specific dermatological medication or procedure that requires her to wear a specific brand. [And here’s when knowledge comes ‘handy’ girls!!]   Now, because the client brings her own makeup that does not means that the price will be less or the artist knows about that brand. I personally welcome my clients to bring all the makeup they want. I want to know what they like, the products they use and their style.

:: Why does a Makeup Artist station must be clean?

All makeup stations everywhere must be clean at ALL times! The spread of bacteria and virus it’s very common in the beauty industry. Unfortunately some makeup counters and stores do not disinfect their makeup products and brushes after the use of each consumers nor have disposable applicator available or simply do not offer valuable information to the consumer. In the other hand, you cannot blame the sales person; 80% of the employees at each store that sells makeup might have some ‘knowledge’ about the product and in sales but that does not mean that they know nor understands the risks of bacteria spreading in the products or simply doesn’t even know that bacteria grows in the makeup nor the type of bacteria, the causes and effects.
What does a client must do when visiting the makeup counter?

1. Bring or ask for hand sanitizer

2. Look for disposable applicator

3. Avoid to apply any open product or ‘tester’ directly to your the face, lips and eyes

4. If the sales rep. it’s going to do a makeup application, confirm that alcohol has been used to disinfect the makeup brushes before the application and that he/she has disinfected his/her hands previously the application

5. Ask the sales rep. to clean or disinfect the makeup before the application
This are 5 simple tips for clients and professionals. For a professional, it does not take more than 5 minutes to ensure that the brushes and the makeup is clean. A Makeup Artist must clean their tools & ‘tool box’ after each client or at least weekly. I believe that it’s all about keeping the good habits. When a Makeup Artist keeps his/her tools and makeup organized, well stored and disinfected it shows in their image. And image it’s the BEST business card!

:: What should I look in a Makeup Artist Portfolio?

I have to say that it depends on what is the client looking for.  Again, some Artists specializes in different areas, so if a client needs makeup for her wedding, then she must search for someone experienced in this area and with a good portfolio and references. Other Makeup Artists have a vast experience in EDITORIAL work, that could be very helpful for a photographer, director or producer, but also, a bride might consider that professional for her special day as well.

:: It is important to go to a beauty school or academy to learn makeup?

Unfortunately in beauty schools they teach in depth techniques in hair, skin and nails. In Cosmetology as well as in Aesthetics they cover just few hours in makeup artistry but not enough as in an academy that truly specializes in makeup artistry. There’s some professionals that take the time to teach private lessons to other in makeup artistry techniques. For someone that really will like to commit his/her skills and talent to become a Makeup Artist it is WORTH IT to make the effort and take professional classes and courses by reputable academies and trainers. I believe that education it’s the BEST tool in this Industry and ISthat education what truly makes the difference in the makeup application.

:: As a Makeup Artist, what do you look in a product?

When it’s time to re-stock my arsenal or what makes me interested in a product, not only as a professional but also as a consumer, I ask myself 11 vital questions. If the product passes the ‘test’ it will become part of my personal and professional kits.
Here’s what I look in a product:

1. Packaging

2. Texture & Fragrance

3. Expiration Date

4. Effectiveness & Results of the product: Does it work and do ‘the job’

5. Does it going to do my ‘life’ & application easier

6. For how long does it last

7. Ingredients

8. Affordability: It is worth the retail price

9. Availability: It is a steady product or just seasonal

10. Accessibility: Will it be sold in the store or online only

11. Is there any other similar products
All this questions I keep in mind while looking and buying all my products so I don’t waste my time nor my money having a product that it will useless in my kits.


2 responses

  1. Yolanda Villegas

    Can you do extreme make-up transformations? I am starting in a theathric play where the main role is caucasian so I have to look caucasian. Can you do something similar to this transformation “”? I am olive skined with yellow undertones.

    October 11, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    • Hello Yolanda! Please excuse me for the late reply. At the moment I am located in Puerto Rico. I can do partial of that transformation as at the moment I do not have all the materials required to do it. But definitely I am able to do it if booked in advance.

      January 8, 2014 at 2:39 pm

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