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10003069_10152337082778980_1092310689_n.jpgDear Bride, first I’ll like to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding. This section has been created for you, to help you select the perfect look and details for your important day. In here you will find most of the FAQ’s that brides, maid of honor, mother of the bride (MOB), wedding planners and friends ask me.

If your question  it is not listed here, leave a comment with your question and I’ll answer it  for you.


:: What type of services a Professional Makeup Artist offer?

A Makeup Artist it’s a professional in the beauty industry that offer and provides makeup artistry services in the areas of bridal, special occasions, makeovers, quinceañera, sweet 16’s, homecomings, beauty pageants, fashion, photography, commercial, etc. The professional must be skilled on each or more than one area in order to provide the best services.  Some Makeup Artists might also be Licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists, meaning that they might offer other services like hair styling, facials and waxing treatments.

1962765_10152337096268980_2062813435_n.jpg:: It is worth hiring a Makeup Artist?

Yes! Having a Makeup Artist ‘dollin’ you up’ for your special occasion or event it is worth it. Now, there’s some information that a client must ask and know before hiring that person. The most important questions are:

– For how long the Professional has being doing makeup

– How did he/she learned makeup

– Are his/her credentials related to makeup

– Which products is he/she using

– Does he/she have a professional portfolio

– Which areas does he/she specializes in

– Does he/she have client references

– Does he/she have a website

– What it is offered or included in the prices

– Is he/she offering a Trial Consultation before the services

– What type of cancellation policies he/ she have

– Does he/ she can travel to your ‘get ready’ location and how much are the travel fees

After many years as a Makeup Artistry and Skin Care Professional, I believe that each client must be treated as royalty, but must be mutual. The client must also understand that the professional is there for him/her and must be treat the Artist with respect as well.  Now, unfortunately these days almost everybody is claiming to be a Makeup Artist. This is why it is so important to ask this questions. An educated professional IT IS worth it.  I cannot put aside those professionals that are extremely talented with little to none education because some Artists are gifted; Still, for a Bride, it is her important day and she must look picture perfect at all times by the hands of a true professional.

:: What’s the difference between Airbrush Makeup and regular makeup?

The Airbrush makeup and regular makeup are different. The Airbrush makeup can last over 10 hours, leaves an even and flawless foundation look. Airbrush makeup can also be used for tattoo covering, tanning, etc.  The regular liquid foundation cannot be used in the Airbrush tools. Now, if the Makeup Artist have a professional education can also create a similar effect with a makeup brush; It might take a little longer comparing it with the Airbrush ‘brush’ or ‘gun’, but it can be done. Because of the benefits of the Airbrush Makeup, compared with the regular makeup, the price for the service makes it more expensive.   Everyday more brides request this service for their engagement, portraits and weddings photos.

:: Can I request to use my makeup products instead of the Artists’?

Yes you can. However, when a client makes this type of request is because she have sensitive skin, eyes or is under a specific skin care treatment. When requesting to use the client’s products, the professional cannot warranty how does the makeup will turn when photographed or for how long it will last. This is why a Makeup Consultation and Trial is very important.

:: What’s a Makeup Trial and Consultation? What’s included?

A Makeup Trial and Consultation is as important and like the dress rehearsal; The bride and the Artist can discuss all the  important details about the event. It not only provides a near enough indication of how the bride will look, but also will avoid any tardiness on the wedding day.  When starting the Consultation, the Artist will ask the bride or client about her skin care routine, products that she use, the look and makeup style that she wants for her event, portraits, type of hairstyle, dress style, theme and colors of the wedding, etc.  It is important to remember that after the Trial & Consultation, if the bride choose that Artist, the professional will provide a contract in order to book her services and that a deposit is required to secure the brides event.   This is a common procedure for all Makeup Artists. If a bride or client does not reserve her event day, there’s no warranty that the Artist will reserve that day, and another client will book the professional.

:: How far in advance I should book a Makeup Trial and Consultation?

I will recommend no more than a year before your wedding day. Many things can happen within the time of the Consultation and the event day, like changing the makeup look, theme, location, etc. and having the Consultation in advance will help you to communicate with the professional and provide him/her with all the changes and to be able to book another Makeup Trial if necessary.

:: Would a Makeup Artist travel to the hotel or location where I’ll be getting ready?

Today, most Makeup Artist are on-location. Now, travel fees might not be included in the makeup prices. When contacting the Artist, the bride should ask about the travel fees and the distance where the Artist is willing to travel. Travel fees varies from State and Artist; Some professionals have flat-rate fees for a specific amount of miles. In short distances, the professional might not charge travel fees, but will charge for valet parking, toll or other fees.

:: Why Makeup Artists have different rates?

All professionals in the beauty industry have different rates. In the makeup industry, each Artist choose the rates that are competitive for his/her skills, education and knowledge. Some Artists include the Makeup Trial and Consultation in the bridal makeup package, etc. It’s important for a bride to look and decide the best professional for her event and her budget.  In the other hand, some clients decide to save some money and hire an unexperienced ‘artist’, then at the end it will cost the bride more: time and money. This is why I highly recommend to book a Trial and Consultation before booking a professional to do her makeup, as well as her hair.

:: Should I wear false lashes for my bridal portraits and wedding day?

Although this could be an option for your makeup, I’ll always recommend to all my future bridal clients to wear them, unless they have sensitive eyes or suffer from constant eye allergies. Wearing false lashes, strip or individual lashes, provides a more elegant, seductive look and enhance the eye area. Also, because most brides cry during the ceremony or reception, false lashes maintain the ‘smokey mascara look’ at all times. It just take few minutes to get use to wear them.

:: Can I hire a Makeup Artist to be on-location to touch-up my makeup?

Yes you can as long as the Artist is available. And not only a client can hire a Makeup Artist to be there during the ceremony or reception, but also for the engagement photos and/or bridal portraits.   This type of service is charged by the hour aside of other makeup rates.

:: What if my wedding is outside the city or State where the Makeup Artist is located, do I have to pay for all the expenses?

Well, this is a matter of having a previous agreement with the Artist. If you believe she is worth it, then both can agree in something that will benefit both. Now, I recommend to have an open mind and schedule in case that the professional cannot travel outside the city where she is located.

:: If is only me who need makeup services, can it be possible that the Makeup Artist reduce her prices?

Not necessarily. It might sound harsh, but let’s put it this way: If you go to a store and buy just one item, do you think they should offer a discount?.  For a Professional Makeup Artist their prices are final. This is what they make for their living and clients must understand that for most, hair or makeup services are their full-time job, and it is as important as any other professional job.

:: How can I choose the makeup look that it is best for me and for my wedding day?

My best advice is, be yourself. Pay attention on your personal style, the type of dress that you’re going to wear, the colors and/ or theme of the wedding, the time of the event and the hairstyle that you want. Then, look either on a magazine or online for an image of an artist or the makeup style that you liked the most. Bring all that information with you on the ‘Makeup Trial & Consultation day’ so the Artist can take a look and offer you his/ her best advice.



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